We hand-harvest our lettuce direct from our farm located in Jupiter, FL within 24-48 hours of delivery to our customers which ensures:

– Ultimate Freshness

– Incredible Flavor

– Prolonged Shelf-Life


What Our Customers Are Saying …

“I can’t live without it. No other lettuce compares. You guys are stuck with me forever.”

- Melissa
"Bare Roots Organics is a wonderful find! It is a family business that clearly puts great effort into growing the most delicious lettuces we have ever had: tender and sweet. It is grown using the most advanced aquaponic technology which integrates sustainability with ecological highest standards to produce organic greens. Mike Campbell, the owner, is passionate about his crops and is constantly seeking new greens to grow and bring to market. This is a farmer who truly loves what he does and that love is reflected in his produce! We are the fortunate recipients.”
- Babetta

“We love your Spring Mix bags. We use it on our sandwiches, salads, shrimp salad on a bed of the Spring Mix. We have it every day.”

- Donna
"I am addicted to your lettuce. I don't know what I'm going to do when I go back to Canada."
- Kathy

“I had your head lettuce in the crisper four weeks and it was so good. No damage and excellent taste."

- Orlando

“I'm not allowed to go to the store and buy lettuce anymore."

- Frank and Eileen
"I stumbled across this lettuce one weekend at the Sunday market. Bare Roots was a rather new vendor, and after listening to the concept of aquaponic growing, I was intrigued. The lettuce looked healthy and rich, and I went home with several heads. With my first salad, I discovered a delicious, delicate product, and I make a point to always have Bare Roots lettuce in my fridge. Recently, I was unable to get to the market on Sunday, and I ran out. I was forced to buy lettuce at a grocery store, and the taste was so disappointing after enjoying Bare Roots lettuce for several months. The comparison truly showcases the value of nourishing, environmentally friendly, locally grown organic produce. I highly recommend Bare Roots products to anyone who appreciates quality food."
- Cheryl
"I've had your Spring Mix for 3 weeks in my refrigerator and it is still amazingly fresh."
- J.D.

“I can’t shop in the store for lettuce anymore after having your lettuce.”

- MaryAnne

“I started eating salads because of you."

- Bill

“I bought two bags of your 'Spring Mix' and had forgotten about one in the back of the refrigerator. I found that one bag two weeks later and it was like it was the first day I bought."

- Jack

“I love your lettuce, it’s the best I’ve ever eaten. I come to the Farmers Market just for the lettuce.”

- Judi
“Love, love, love your lettuce. I look forward to the bagged Spring Mix every week.”
- Debbie
“Just buy it. Don’t think
twice about it.”
- Marco, private chef

“Best lettuce I've ever had - a vegetarian.”

- Josefina
"Freshest, tastiest greens in Palm Beach County."
- Annie

“Thanks for feeding us such incredible lettuce.”

- Jeff

“I never thought lettuce would excite me like yours. So good."

- Kevin

“Your product never changes, in fact it just gets better."

- Blase